Nothing quite like a hike!!!

I’ve been going hiking, whenever I can find an hour or two, for the past few years. Initially, I looked at hiking as an extra calorie burn to my already intensive, daily kung-fu training. After a couple times of going to the various spots around me, I started to realize that hiking was more than just another physical exercise. The first thing I noticed is how inviting and peaceful everyone is that I come across when I’m walking by. The sad thing is that I only see people smiling at one another, being somewhat civil , when I’m out doing some hiking.

Throughout my entire twenty-eight years of living, I think I’ve seen more hellos, smiles, and friendly gestures in the past couple years hiking than I have ever seen at any restaurant, store, shopping center, movie theater etc. That is why I love hiking so much because, for me and most of my friends that hike as well, it’s an escape for us in one way or another. An escape from the everyday struggles, hardships and things like monetary stress, relationship issues or anything else that your mind is seemingly consumed by. I can remember once walking through some trails, with two of my good  friends, and telling them to stand still for a minute. I told them to just listen and hear what is happening around us. After about twenty seconds or so, my one friend said he couldn’t hear anything at all. I responded by saying you’re exactly right, that is the point. All you could hear is the leaves blowing around and birds chirping in the distance. The rest of what you could hear was absolute stillness, nature at its finest. That is why I say there is nothing quite like a hike….


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About wartica

Hello world, my name is Jon Waters, and I look forward to connecting with everyone I possibly can along this journey:) I’m an aspiring author/blogger that has put together an autobiographical piece about how I recently overcame a lifelong battle with five severe issues: chronic skin issues, weight problems, depression, anger, and anxiety. With the help of natural healing, martial arts, and becoming an organic vegetarian, I have now found ways to mitigate and completely cleanse myself of these ongoing obstacles and hurdles.The premise of putting this book together is to reach out to people with the same, or similar, conditions; this way they can find healthier, safer alternative as I did.Conventional, western medicine, relies primarily on using shots, creams,and pills for everything under the sun; the problem with relying heavily on these approaches is that they are loaded with harmful chemicals, toxins, and steroids–that can’t be a good thing! Besides the writing, I’m a real piece of work and try to always laugh at myself–kind of like how Jerry Seinfeld did in his timeless classic of a show! Also, I enjoy living a highly active and extremely healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the activities that get me going: traditional shaolin kung-fu, hiking, surfing, skating,Tai chi, Qigong, meditation, yoga, skiing, kayaking, being with family and friends, and a whole lot more. I’m also very open to new, practical societal alternatives to a better life for all people; the resource-based economy suggestion is one of the best ways to turn around our current system of doing things, and I highly suggest checking it out:) Until next time my friends, and fellow writers, --Jon Waters

13 responses to “Nothing quite like a hike!!!”

  1. Steve Schwartzman says :

    I do a lot of nature photography in and around Austin (Texas). Although I do encounter people if I walk along the most popular trails, I’ve noticed that in many of the places where I wander, even in this metropolitan area, I’m completely or almost completely on my own for long stretches.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. moaimartialarts says :

    Nice blog and great post. I agree with the observation that the happiest people you meet are on the trails! Where is this picture from? It’s great!

    • wartica says :

      Thanks Moai, same to you:)) The pic was taken when I was upstate hiking this past summer. The view was too amazing to pass up on. I should post some more soon on here.

  3. Watching Seasons says :

    Great post! Hiking is like meditation to me. Away from the usual urban settings, people can find a very different experience out in nature.

  4. jrliggettsblog says :

    I am so with you on this. There is nothing like getting out in the woods and listening to a tree branch creak, an animal scurry through the leaves, the wind in the trees, watching the clouds move across the sky… Leaving the traffic sounds, the radio, TV, computer… I love it.

  5. Yukaewa Hiakcaumi says :

    I always meet awesome people on the trails!

  6. Aditix says :

    Being in nature is great. Nice post and a lovely picture.

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