An allergy-free cereal is one bowl away.

I never thought that I would be devoting a weekly blog post to pay homage to a cereal brand, but here I am. Who would have thought? There are many reasons why I can’t get enough of this particular cereal brand; the taste is amazing, it’s filling, and it’s clutch for any time of the day. The brand, that I can’t keep my hands away from, is Kashi’s new line of organic cereal.

Sure, there are a number of cereals that have the organic label on them but this one is a little different. I found out the hard way, when I nearly scratched my face and neck off, that just because it says organic on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s allergy-free. What makes  it different is for the fact that this line of Kashi is made in a totally separate factory that “doesn’t” operate with tree nuts, peanuts, walnuts, and any other nut for that matter. After I read the back of the label, I just wanted to be on the safe side so I gave the company a ring on the phone to clarify.

The representative there had verified for me that the organic line operates in a totally separate facility. They went on to tell me that they have two factories; one that is allergy-free and the other not so much. After I hung up the phone, I was so ecstatic that I attempted to do a back flip  right there in my kitchen. I’m glad that I thought this one through and I decided to just jump up and down in joyous bliss. This was definitely a safer alternative, not only for me but also for everything that was in the kitchen.

Going down the cereal aisle  in the supermarket had become somewhat of a dread for me. I would see all these nutritious, tasty looking cereals and I couldn’t wait to get back home and go to town on them. The only obstacle in my way now is what the dreaded “label” has to say on the side of the box. Once I find a cereal that I like, I almost have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Nine out of ten times, I will see the worse group of words for people with severe allergies could possibly come across…”made in a factory that handles all kinds of nuts.”

If you have food allergies, like I do, it becomes a hardship when you have to go shopping for cereal, and food all around. That has changed for the better now and we have the option to munch on something without breaking out into an itching spell. Another reason to attempt some backflips, or jump for joy, is that the Kashi Organics line has finally arrived in all major supermarkets. You no longer have to shop online and have your cereal delivered to your front door several days later. You can go right down the road now, whenever you want.

Another added bonus is that the line of Kashi Organics has so many different choices to choose from; Island Vanilla (All-time favorite of mine), Autumn Harvest, Cinnamon Harvest and Strawberry Fields to just name a few. If you suffer from severe allergies, give it a whirl if you’re looking for a change of pace and a top notch taste:))

Enjoy your time this weekend with your family and friends!!! Until next week,

Jon Waters




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About wartica

Hello world, my name is Jon Waters, and I look forward to connecting with everyone I possibly can along this journey:) I’m an aspiring author/blogger that has put together an autobiographical piece about how I recently overcame a lifelong battle with five severe issues: chronic skin issues, weight problems, depression, anger, and anxiety. With the help of natural healing, martial arts, and becoming an organic vegetarian, I have now found ways to mitigate and completely cleanse myself of these ongoing obstacles and hurdles.The premise of putting this book together is to reach out to people with the same, or similar, conditions; this way they can find healthier, safer alternative as I did.Conventional, western medicine, relies primarily on using shots, creams,and pills for everything under the sun; the problem with relying heavily on these approaches is that they are loaded with harmful chemicals, toxins, and steroids–that can’t be a good thing! Besides the writing, I’m a real piece of work and try to always laugh at myself–kind of like how Jerry Seinfeld did in his timeless classic of a show! Also, I enjoy living a highly active and extremely healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the activities that get me going: traditional shaolin kung-fu, hiking, surfing, skating,Tai chi, Qigong, meditation, yoga, skiing, kayaking, being with family and friends, and a whole lot more. I’m also very open to new, practical societal alternatives to a better life for all people; the resource-based economy suggestion is one of the best ways to turn around our current system of doing things, and I highly suggest checking it out:) Until next time my friends, and fellow writers, --Jon Waters

25 responses to “An allergy-free cereal is one bowl away.”

  1. Holysheep says :

    Thanks Jon for letting everyone know about this.
    It is really difficult for those with allergies to find good, healthy alternatives not to mention trying to find snacks for lunch boxes to adhere to the “no peanut rule” in schools.

    • wartica says :

      That “no peanut rule” was just starting out when I was in grade school, years back. I’m glad to hear that school districts are taking this issue more serious because someone might die as a result. Have a great time with the family this weekend:))

  2. Secondhand Surfer says :

    Awesome blog. I decided to follow it because you’re on a path, that I work to be on also. I’m super fortunate to have a yoga class right by my house. I tried karate once and got the horse kick in the chest, from a guy who said he thought I would move! If that place were by me I would go today. Where do you surf?

    • wartica says :

      Thanks man, i appreciate it!! I just started going around the various spots in Long Island,NY. I plan on moving to South Carolina, as soon as possible, and they have a slew of places to go:)) What are some of your favorite areas to go to?

  3. MB says :

    Wow…it’s interesting to know you still have to check labels even though it is made organically. Thank goodness there are so many flavors to choose from…great info.

  4. Secondhand Surfer says :

    I plan on surfing at Playa Avellanas this morning, early. Too early. In Florida I surf at Fernandina Beach and around the Jacksonville, FL area. I’ve met surfers from Long Island here in CR. Surfers from everywhere pass through here. It makes life interesting.

  5. mybrownsparkles says :

    Hmm I just developed an allergy. Not sure to what though but this post definitely makes me consider that aspect of food in general. I at Indian food one night and the next morning it was all over! Lol. Good post. I love Kashi but have recently been trying to stay away from wheat and grains as I find my stomach reacts better. But now I’m craving cereal!

    • wartica says :

      Hahha, sorry for making you hungry lol. I can’t really eat out anymore because of whatever might me mixed with their dishes. I only go to a select few and stick with them. Surprisingly, I haven’t had a problem with wheat, milk or grains; any nut or shellfish additive is what bothers me the worse:(…Have a great new year :))

  6. mybrownsparkles says :

    Reblogged this on Mybrownsparkles's Blog.

  7. goddesschinh says :

    I love Kashi!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. notimetow8 says :

    I love Kashi cereals. I just done a reveiw of the Go lean Crunch on my blog. I will be re-blogging this article of yours too. Great post

    All the best,

  9. Vacation Nija says :

    Love the Blog! keep up the awesome posts!

  10. Maranda says :

    I’m addicted to cereal. I have at least 5 or 6 boxes at all times ha. I’ll def be trying this kind!!

  11. alivingfamily says :

    Thanks for stopping by A Living Family blog. (Isn’t sprouted flour so exciting?)

    I love Kashi cereal! The only cereal I like that I can bring myself to buy and still think I’m getting any nutrition is Autumn Wheat. It does have sugar in it, but it’s one of the simplest cereals out there. The other is Heritage Bites from Nature’s Path, but your post had made me realize so much has been processed in a facility with nuts.

  12. The Weight Run Down says :

    I allergic too, it sure makes eating a little more difficult!

  13. Stuart Otway-Smith says :

    Yes I am allergic to sweeteners and it is hard to get “free from” products that are entirely clean.

  14. Adrian says :

    Thanks for this amazing post! Very useful and healthy!

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