It’s definitely getting HOT in here…

Driving around most major towns, you will come across a wide array of signs, buildings and advertisements.  There was one place that stuck out in my mind; this place is called “HOT”BIKRAM YOGA. Over the years, I must have passed by this building a million times without even batting an eye. I’m starting to think the reason I became more aware of this particular yoga spot was because of my martial arts training. I’m also starting to think that because I already had the tai chi, kung-fu, qigong, meditation; there really wasn’t any valid reason for me to pay any extra money if I didn’t have to.  Not only would it have been an added expense, to sign up for classes, but I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate myself to it either.

I was getting the complete package, so to speak, with my martial arts training already. I had somewhat of an idea of the basic premise of what yoga was all about…stretching. I           already stretch, before any kind of workout, to get the muscles all warmed up. My thinking was why would I go there to stretch even more than I already do? When I thought about that question, I remembered something very valuable that my martial arts instructors told me; my techniques are getting better but I’m still lacking in the overall flexibility department. To be successful in any martial art training, you need to be flexible and limber and I needed that added boost.

So, I got to thinking and I decided to take my first “hot” yoga class, at the place I passed by for the past ten years or so. I went on a Saturday morning and I luckily had a friend that was willing to try it out with me. When we got inside of the place, we were told that one class was ten dollars; which included a mat, water and a towel. We took our shoes off and walked right into the “HOT” room, where the class was going to take place. I do not lie when I tell you that the room felt like going right from Antarctica, the outside, to the Sahara Desert, the inside, within a matter of seconds. I’ve been to Florida in August, at its hottest level, and never felt anything quite like the heat that was developing in the room.

After a few minutes of getting used to the transition in temperature, my friend and I started to stretch on our mats before the class officially began. I have to say that I was a little intimidated, initially, because the other students were putting their legs around their head and just lounging. I was lucky if I touched my toes and held it for a second or two. I kept telling myself that this person probably didn’t start out wrapping their legs around their head at first; they were probably in the same boat as my friend and I were when they started out. Like Bill Murray said in, “What About Bob?”, it’s all about taking baby steps!!!

At this point, the class had just begun and the teacher walked in the room. Before I got started in the various poses, I was a little distracted on what the instructor was wearing; he had on beach flip flops and a classic, B.U.M. Equipment tank top. As you can plainly see, it was hard for my friend and I to stay focused while the teacher’s wardrobe choice was actually taking place in real life. After about ten minutes or so, I finally started to focus on what I was there for in the first place. It wasn’t too bad for me, at least initially, because I’m used to hardcore, rigorous training at my martial arts school anyway. The more the class went on, my friend and I looked at each other like we were about to pass out, right on the floor. We kept stopping for sips of water and to get rid of the river of sweat coming down our faces.

After an hour and a half class, it was finally over. The teacher really put on a great class and kept us motivated throughout. No joke, it took about ten minutes for my friend and me to finally get up off the floor from pure exhaustion. I got back home and took a shower and felt very, very, I repeat, very relaxed afterwards. I will now do Hot Yoga from time to time, to get a great workout and most importantly, a quality stretch. It has also helped with my Martials arts training as well and I actually see how flexible I’m becoming, little by little. I definitely suggest anyone and everyone to get out there and checkout your local Yoga spots. You never know, you’re teacher might be wearing similar clothing as my instructor was. That is all the more reason to get out there and do some yoga.


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About wartica

Hello world, my name is Jon Waters, and I look forward to connecting with everyone I possibly can along this journey:) I’m an aspiring author/blogger that has put together an autobiographical piece about how I recently overcame a lifelong battle with five severe issues: chronic skin issues, weight problems, depression, anger, and anxiety. With the help of natural healing, martial arts, and becoming an organic vegetarian, I have now found ways to mitigate and completely cleanse myself of these ongoing obstacles and hurdles.The premise of putting this book together is to reach out to people with the same, or similar, conditions; this way they can find healthier, safer alternative as I did.Conventional, western medicine, relies primarily on using shots, creams,and pills for everything under the sun; the problem with relying heavily on these approaches is that they are loaded with harmful chemicals, toxins, and steroids–that can’t be a good thing! Besides the writing, I’m a real piece of work and try to always laugh at myself–kind of like how Jerry Seinfeld did in his timeless classic of a show! Also, I enjoy living a highly active and extremely healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the activities that get me going: traditional shaolin kung-fu, hiking, surfing, skating,Tai chi, Qigong, meditation, yoga, skiing, kayaking, being with family and friends, and a whole lot more. I’m also very open to new, practical societal alternatives to a better life for all people; the resource-based economy suggestion is one of the best ways to turn around our current system of doing things, and I highly suggest checking it out:) Until next time my friends, and fellow writers, --Jon Waters

45 responses to “It’s definitely getting HOT in here…”

  1. Dez says :

    I am a HUGE yoga fan. I have some back issues that prevent me from performing most exercises (except walking) and when my surgeon recommended yoga I figured it was worth a shot. I practice Vinyasa Yoga and by the end of the first month I lost 5 inches off my waist. The results on the weight loss haven’t been as noticeable but I had a muscular build to begin with (I was a jazz, ballet and hip-hop dancer for 15 years) and I tell myself it’s just the muscles coming back into shape since they weigh more than fat 😉 I think it’s great that you’re open to new ways of exercise and finding flexibility, keep up the good work!

    • wartica says :

      Thanks for the kind words, Dez. That is awesome that yoga has helped you to lose some weight; I’ve also had nothing but good luck with it as well:) I have to agree, dancing is another great way to stay in tip top shape and it’s also a lot of fun:))Have a great new year and I’m looking forward to reading more from you:))

  2. Maura - Rider University says :

    I’ve never tried hot yoga but I’m definitely interested! I never feel like I’m getting a good workout when I do yoga, and when I put in gym time I want it to count. I think the extra sweating would help me feel like I actually did something.

    May I ask what chronic skin issues you suffered from? I have psoriasis, and am always looking for alternative ways to treat it.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • wartica says :

      As some people sometimes say; as long as you’re moving your body, you’re doing better than just sitting around. I was born with severe eczema, red rashes, non-stop itching and pus pockets all over. It got progressively worse, as I got older. Then, a few years back, I started developing rosacea and alopecia. I kicked most of the issues away by the help of these books and some research;

      Chinese health care secrets: Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
      a natural lifestyle approach by Henry Lin

      Hope this helps:))

  3. CityGurl says :

    Never heard of Hot Yoga, but then again, living in the tropics, I guess we get the ‘hot’ part automatically :)) but yoga is one of the best ways to relax the mind. I used to do it at home daily, watching a video and it was great [stopped for a while because I accidentally deleted the video…grr] we have a Jazzecise class nearby and I’m planning to make a visit in Feb. Will keep you updated on how that goes 😀 because that jazzercise sounds fun.
    Good luck with the new lifesyle 🙂

    • wartica says :

      Hahah…the tropics definitely take care of the heat factor, that is for sure. I never really heard of Jazzercise so I would be interested to see what it’s all about. Thanks for the feedback and I can’t wait to hear about your trip and how the workout goes:))

  4. coll123 says :

    I just read another blogger talking about what he called “Hot box yoga” So it’s funny to read this and find out exactly what it is. I never do yoga. I always saw yoga as being not what you can call a physical workout. I have to lok into it more but I I have a feeling weights and cardio give you a better physical workout. Got a feeling though yoga can be good for you though at least more than I thought. Thanks for a informative and interesting post! I like your writing style 🙂 thanks !

    • wartica says :

      I have to check out the box yoga; I never heard of it before. I would weight train for years but it never truly did it for me in the long run, like the martial arts and yoga. Thanks for the feedback and the same to you:))

  5. TDiavolo says :

    Think its our nature to past places like that an avoid going inside for one reason or another. Glad you finally did. Good for you on trying something new! I would probably even more exhausted then you.

  6. Lauren says :

    Ok, I haven’t done yoga since high school, but recently I’ve been reading about how it has a lot of benefits for runners. I’ve been so interested in doing this kind of Yoga, this is one of the new experiences I want to try this year, we have a local studio in town. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • wartica says :

      I would definitely recommend trying the school out; you will be in for a treat. I would also recommend bringing a towel because it gets hot in there:)) Thanks for reading and following:))

  7. beyhre says :

    OH MY GOSH, you sound so healthy 😛 As an unhealthy person, I find that intimidating ;D I was thinking I’d take dance classes this year for a bit of fitness that I can actually motivate myself to do. Depends if I have the money too though, of course. Anyway, great post!

    • wartica says :

      Haha…I’m far from healthy but I’m striving to get there. Like a lot of doctors say, as long as you’re doing something than you’re on the right track. Thanks for the kind words, your blog is great as well:))

  8. Liberez Vous says :

    It was great to hear about your adventures in yoga! Good for you for trying something new! I haven’t practiced at a Bikram studio yet, but I think that will be my next adventure. Keep it up and the benefits will astound you.

  9. Allison says :

    I’ve been practicing hot yoga for a little over three years now and I am a complete addict in the best way possible. In fact, I just got back from class and am still basking in the afterglow that can only come from holding one’s body in ‘standing bow’ pose for one minute.

    I felt exactly like you did 5 minutes into the class– as though the room were an inferno and I was its victim. But three sessions later I was hooked.

    It’s definitely more than just stretching. It’s strength, balance, and focus among other things.

    Anyhow, I’m glad the yoga is coinciding well with your martial arts. Perhaps I should give martial arts a try.
    Namaste :-).

    • wartica says :

      Thanks Allison, I guess it’s like anything else; something you need to give time to see results. I would definitely suggest trying out some martial arts, it can’t hurt:))

  10. Elizabeth says :

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love yoga, but I have never tried “hot” yoga. Based on your description, I may give it a try, because I could definitely use a little extra relaxation in my life at the moment. 🙂

  11. Sandra Madeira says :

    I’ve nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Here’s the link
    Happy New Year!

  12. Evienereal says :

    I once went out to a fitness gym in the city, which was one of the 2 gyms that has Hot Bikram Yoga in Kuala Lumpur. I set one foot in and I wanted to throw up! lol
    The hall was hot and it stinks so bad. I can’t imagine being in awkward poses in a stuffy room filled with sweaty people.
    But in Malaysia, the humidity levels are like 75-90%, so you CAN get your Hot Bikram Yogo equivalence in the day. If you do it while the sunrises, you can guarantee your fix of Vitamin D.


    • wartica says :

      I felt the same way about the room; I wanted to jump back outside in the snow. That is very true because temperatures in India get over 100 degrees and it’s even more intense than being inside a “hot” room. Looking forward to connecting more :))

  13. Lindsay says :

    I’m glad your experience went so well – I tried it last year (Dec 2010) and was reprimanded for taking a drink of water when I felt like I was going to pass out. I do remember that super awesome post-class feeling, though… makes me want to try a different studio!

    • wartica says :

      The funny thing is that I got “scolded” as well for taking a sip at another hot yoga studio. The one I was referencing in my blog post is the best I’ve come around thus far. I agree; nothing quite like that feeling after you’re done…relaxed and ready for some zzz’s.

  14. sassymommy14 says :

    I have always wanted to try Hot Yoga, but was a little fearful of the possibility of passing out from heat exhaustion. But maybe I will give it a try. I love yoga!

    • wartica says :

      I felt the same way, before I started, but after a few minutes I got used to it. I would highly suggest to try it, especially for the fact that you’re an avid yogi :))

  15. namitalad says :

    I’m from the country from where Yoga originated…i’ve attended workshop and practiced for few days…n believe me it’s the best exercise for your entire body…i takes a while to show effect bt it’s llifelong…after reading ur post now even m gonna start practicing yoga again 🙂

    • wartica says :

      That’s amazing; I always wanted to visit the area that started it all:) I’m glad my post could do that for you…I’m looking forward to reading about your progress.

  16. sheriffsmith says :

    Very Motivational … I’ve been a health aware person (nut) for many, many years and have a great appreciation for all the different disciplines. As I’ve aged I’ve found that the physical side of the health equation is generally fairly easy to maintain. It’s the mental side that is more difficult as it seems the older we get the more stress life throws at us. In my profession the stress can be overwhelming and I’ve taken great pains to find relief and have found it through my photography and being out in nature. Nothing is more satisfying than watching the sun come up and listening to the dawn course of bird calls … serenity at its best. Seeing Bobcats, Otters and Deer puts a smile in my heart each and every time I see one of Gods wonderful creations. Thank you for the comments and the motivation! Tom

  17. zooeyibz says :

    I’ve just begun practicing bikram and am absolutely in love. Like you say, it produces a profound relaxation that no other stretching has ever come close to. As a long-time long distance runner I find it a very different workout mentally as well as physically, but it’s a wonderful.

  18. thisismyeverest says :

    Hot yoga terrifies me. I don’t deal well with extreme temperature changes and I only just recently “graduated” my fundamentals in yoga course. Some days when we’d come into the studio, the space would still be a little on the warm side from the previous hot yoga class (probably only 75-80 F) and even that was uncomfortable for me. Congrats to you for trying it! If I ever tried it, I think it’d be more on the Forrest Yoga side (which I think is more around 80 degrees, as opposed to Bikram’s 90-105). What is qigong like?

    • wartica says :

      I have to admit that the first time didn’t really work that well with my skin; not so much during the hot yoga session but right after. I got really, REALLY itchy and it took a while to finally subside. All the other times, it has been a lot better for me. I would recommend giving it a whirl but if not, other forms of yoga do just as fine:))

  19. viberadiant says :

    I tried hot yoga once. As the class was starting, I wondered why my mat was damp. Then as the class progressed and the sweat started to pour, not to mention the stink, I was very grossed out.
    But I’m glad there are people out there who enjoy it.

  20. the lotus seed journals says :

    I have a love/hate relationship with Bikram yoga (mostly love). It is one of the things I feel helped heal my body. In different cultures there is something to this heating up the body to heal–sweat lodges with the Native Americans, Saunas in Finland and other countries, etc.. Good luck with your writing!

  21. Rebecca says :

    I too had a similar first experience doing hot yoga… It took a little bit, but it really has grown on me. It’s become my favorite yoga. Sweating is such a great detox and yoga is not only a workout for the body, but also a workout for the soul! Great post!

  22. The Real Life Adventures of a College Student says :

    My friend and I have been planning to go to a hot yoga class for about a week now, ever since I’ve switched my lifestyle. I am still really nervous I’m going to pass out or something but this post definitely made me feel better about going! Thanks for the post! 🙂

    • wartica says :

      There are two things I would suggest: bring a lot of water and eat something an hour before you go. You should be good to go after that:))

      • The Real Life Adventures of a College Student says :

        I ended up going a day after I commented on your post, and it was definitely an interesting experience. I probably shouldn’t have signed up for the intermediate class, however it was still something I would want to try again in the future!

  23. kathryningrid says :

    Hot yoga can be incredibly invigorating–after one has recovered from the session! At least the Bikram I tried for a couple of months was on the verge of killing me before it gave me any of that grateful pleasure payoff, but I do know full-on addicts and I *did* have some useful sessions here and there. 🙂

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