Who would have thought “BARNEY” wasn’t just a big, purple dinosaur?

I took my first surfing lesson, this past summer, and learned a very important lesson my first time out; surfing is NOT, I repeat, NOT , that easy of an activity. When I first got to the beach, the instructor had me do some light stretching to get the body ready for the journey ahead.  He then had me do some “popping up” drills, on the sand, to get me used to getting up when a wave started to approach. After about a half an hour, we set out for the ocean. I thought I wouldn’t be that intimidated, about what was to come, but I actually was.

There were five specific surfer films that, at least in my mind, that made surfing look somewhat easy to master: Point break, Soul Surfer, Big Wednesday, North Shore, and Blue Crush. Not so much that it’s an easy feat to accomplish but more so that it wouldn’t take that long to pick up. I’ve seen Point Break, a million times it seems, and I thought Keanu Reeves character (Jonny Utah) picked up surfing quite quickly. I said to myself if Keanu can do it, then the sky is the limit for me as well:)

I was under the impression that I would pick it up in a years’ time, no more than that. Again, I was highly mistaken and I realized the first minute I put the board in the water, and started walking out there, that this was going to be a lot harder than I initially thought.

There was even an art to how you positioned yourself on the board; I just thought you just jump right on the thing and start paddling like no tomorrow. That wasn’t the case at all and I started telling myself this thing, they refer to as surfing, will be a lifelong type of an adventure. The funny thing was that I truly didn’t care at all; every time I slipped off the board, I had a huge smile on my face and got right back on. I was just having fun being out there in the water and I was getting a GREAT workout, as a result.

After an hour and a half of a lesson, my surf teacher asked me if I wanted to try and catch a “wave.”  My response was an emphatic, YESS. He had gotten me to face the board towards the beach shore. We had waited for a few minutes until he gave me the green light to start paddling like crazy; that is exactly what I ended up doing. First time, I got up half way and fell immediately. Second time, I stood myself up and jumped right off into the water; I think I was just ecstatic enough to have just got up. Third time, I not only got myself up but I also rode the wave for a few seconds; it was an absolutely exhilarating feeling that started to run through me.

I’ve been back out several times after and I’m definitely considered a “kook” and a “barney.” Those are terms for beginning surfers. When I first heard the term, “barney,” I was waiting for some guy to be riding the wave in a purple wetsuit to resemble BARNEY, the purple dinosaur that loves each and every person equally. I was totally wrong; now that I know what it means, I have a long way to mastering this art form and I’m ready for the ride.

If you ever thought about surfing, I would highly recommend giving it a whirl.  If you’re a fan of Family Guy, the Rides-a-Ten-Speed-Everywhere-Guy will definitely say that it’s a great way to stay in shape:) Have a great weekend; until next time….


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About wartica

Hello world, my name is Jon Waters, and I look forward to connecting with everyone I possibly can along this journey:) I’m an aspiring author/blogger that has put together an autobiographical piece about how I recently overcame a lifelong battle with five severe issues: chronic skin issues, weight problems, depression, anger, and anxiety. With the help of natural healing, martial arts, and becoming an organic vegetarian, I have now found ways to mitigate and completely cleanse myself of these ongoing obstacles and hurdles.The premise of putting this book together is to reach out to people with the same, or similar, conditions; this way they can find healthier, safer alternative as I did.Conventional, western medicine, relies primarily on using shots, creams,and pills for everything under the sun; the problem with relying heavily on these approaches is that they are loaded with harmful chemicals, toxins, and steroids–that can’t be a good thing! Besides the writing, I’m a real piece of work and try to always laugh at myself–kind of like how Jerry Seinfeld did in his timeless classic of a show! Also, I enjoy living a highly active and extremely healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the activities that get me going: traditional shaolin kung-fu, hiking, surfing, skating,Tai chi, Qigong, meditation, yoga, skiing, kayaking, being with family and friends, and a whole lot more. I’m also very open to new, practical societal alternatives to a better life for all people; the resource-based economy suggestion is one of the best ways to turn around our current system of doing things, and I highly suggest checking it out:) Until next time my friends, and fellow writers, --Jon Waters

24 responses to “Who would have thought “BARNEY” wasn’t just a big, purple dinosaur?”

  1. Vacation Nija says :

    Dude i love the blog post made me remember the time i first tried surfing… and the last time! lol Might just have to try it again now!

  2. dointhegratefuldance says :


    Also, I received the Versatile Blogger Award and have passed it to you. I enjoy your work and just posted your award on I understand you can take it from there to your site. I know you’ve had prior awards and you’ll know how to do it but If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and we’ll figure it out. Congratulations! Sharon

  3. Kitchen Slattern says :

    You were smart to take it up BEFORE you hit middle age. I’m working on surfing and expect to remain a barney well into the next decade. Let me tell you, pearling is much more painful when you’re over 40.

  4. Serene32 says :

    I thought about it, tried it and decided it probably wasn’t for me after imprinting my face permanently in a board and seeing stars. Ouch.
    Thankfully, there are many ways to enjoy the ocean and I much prefer to be under the water than over it! 🙂

  5. wendemachete says :

    I have to say I’m super jealous. I’ve always wanted to surf but live nowhere near a coast and I don’t care what they say on the West Coast, that water is COLD. Anyway, surfing sounds like an amazing lifelong adventure. I’m sure that’s why people travel far and wide to find it. Congrats on the accomplishment!

  6. HannahC says :

    Very interesting! I’ve always used the moto ‘mind over body’ when working out in the gym but never really heard any real proof behind the saying. I need to learn how to meditate so I can produce the same results as you!

  7. Julianna says :

    Ahhhh – this post made me smile, big! I too was stunned by how difficult (and not remotely peaceful!) it is when you’re learning to surf. But the good thing, as you pointed out, is that you become blissfully uncaring of how you look, because you’re having so much bloody fun! Great post – thanks for it!

    • wartica says :

      Hahhah, I totally agree, Juliana: surfing helps us get to a point where we could care less what we look like – that is why I love it so much:)

      • Julianna says :

        Yeah…I always thought people felt like fools for taking a digger out there, and now of course I know it’s more like “whoa, dude, I just got the s#!@ kicked out of me…I can’t wait to grab another wave!”

  8. Island Style Weekly says :

    Good job Jon! I love this post! I live in Hawaii and surfing is a very big part of the casual lifestyle here in the islands. Almost everyone in my family surfs and they all started out looking like a barney. Many more times out in the water and lots of practice will have you looking like those surfer dudes in the movies in no time.

    • wartica says :

      Thanks; I always wanted to get out that way – hopefully soon:)) Hahah nice, I have my hair grown out now so I’m trying to pull off the Bode look from Point Break lol

  9. Nicole Fevrier Davis says :

    Awesome fun.. wish I could try it. May make my bucket list but difficult to do here in East.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following, I aspire to get as many followers as you have. I’m working on it. Please let me know if you ever need a mind body reading I heard “issues with parents” right away. It may help too (the reading) you never know.


  10. yoonanimous says :

    surfing seems really thankless. i mean, it’s cold, it’s salty, there are sharks. if you are really lucky, you can hit your head on a rock like the girl did in blue crush. my husband loves blue crush, as i suspect many husbands do.

    good for you for getting out there, though.

  11. writingtofreedom says :

    Fun post. I like the way you made it real. Looks fun & challenging. I’ve always wanted to try surfing too, but not much beach access in Arkansas! I miss the beach.

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