Headaches Be Gone!

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I thought I would start this week’s blog post about something that all went down – a few weeks back – at my place of business: The story starts in the bathroom – I swear this is not where you might think it’s going – where my friend and I were leaving. This particular bathroom has two doors when you exit: the first door leads out to a garbage can, on the side of the little walkway area. As my friend and I were laughing about something, I ended up sneezing and took a napkin to blow my nose. As I was bent over – throwing the napkin out – the second door opened up abruptly. I had no time to react when the door slammed right into the top part of my head. The person – that ended up hitting me by accident – was a fellow co-worker of mine. He was highly apologetic – about the whole situation – but I told him not to worry about it whatsoever. I made a little joke about how I get hit harder in my Kung-Fu classes so it was nothing to worry about.

Initially – right after the boom heard around the world took place – I didn’t feel too much pain in my head region. That all changed – a few hours later – when I felt a throbbing sensation on the top part of my head. I told my friend – that witnessed the whole thing – that my head was starting to kill me. He followed up by reassuring me that I was hit particularly hard, so it came as no surprise to him that it was hurting.  Luckily, the headache only lasted the rest of that day and that was it – for the time being.

So, fast forward a few weeks later and all of the sudden – the headaches were back in full force; the pain lasted for three days straight. It became so unbearable that I couldn’t do several of my daily activities: my martial arts training, write/blog, sleep or function properly, and I couldn’t even practice my musical instruments. I started to get a little worried that I ended up taking some headache medicine. I’m not a big fan of taking pills – and I can usually get rid of these issues in a more natural way – but the pain was so intense that I had no other option but to take the pill. The pain subsided a little bit but I wanted the pain to go away completely.

After the third day, I had enough and went right back to my tai chi/qigong/meditation training.  I envisioned all this healing energy working through my whole head area: after about twenty minutes, the constant pain had totally dissipated. That is what is so amazing about this kind of training: it has helped me heal different ailments in my body on more than one occasion. Even if you aren’t involved in this form of training, you can still “focus” on certain areas to eventually try and heal them. I know mainstream medicine doesn’t push these kinds of techniques but next time you have some type of blockage, try focusing on the specific area and see what happens. It doesn’t cost anything and you’re not putting any harmful chemicals in your body – like many drugs and pills unfortunately have in them. 


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About wartica

Hello world, my name is Jon Waters, and I look forward to connecting with everyone I possibly can along this journey:) I’m an aspiring author/blogger that has put together an autobiographical piece about how I recently overcame a lifelong battle with five severe issues: chronic skin issues, weight problems, depression, anger, and anxiety. With the help of natural healing, martial arts, and becoming an organic vegetarian, I have now found ways to mitigate and completely cleanse myself of these ongoing obstacles and hurdles.The premise of putting this book together is to reach out to people with the same, or similar, conditions; this way they can find healthier, safer alternative as I did.Conventional, western medicine, relies primarily on using shots, creams,and pills for everything under the sun; the problem with relying heavily on these approaches is that they are loaded with harmful chemicals, toxins, and steroids–that can’t be a good thing! Besides the writing, I’m a real piece of work and try to always laugh at myself–kind of like how Jerry Seinfeld did in his timeless classic of a show! Also, I enjoy living a highly active and extremely healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the activities that get me going: traditional shaolin kung-fu, hiking, surfing, skating,Tai chi, Qigong, meditation, yoga, skiing, kayaking, being with family and friends, and a whole lot more. I’m also very open to new, practical societal alternatives to a better life for all people; the resource-based economy suggestion is one of the best ways to turn around our current system of doing things, and I highly suggest checking it out:) Until next time my friends, and fellow writers, --Jon Waters

100 responses to “Headaches Be Gone!”

  1. soakingstones says :

    Very interesting article. Just want to know if any layman can focus on the ailing place n get cured. Any specific technic? Thanks

    • wartica says :

      Thanks:) I would highly suggest finding a school -that focuses on internal energy (chi) – but I’m sure you can find articles about movement of chi through the body. I would suggest just to focus on the “healing” energy – working through the blocked area – and getting rid of all the bad, or painful, energy.

  2. sassymommy14 says :

    I feel the same way about taking meds, it’s my absolute last resort. I’ve never tried that focus technique, but I will definitely try the next time I have a pain or ache I can’t get rid of! Thanks!

    I hope your headache doesn’t return.

    • wartica says :

      Thanks 🙂 I would definitely give it a try, the next time you’re feeling an imbalance of sorts. The training that I do – on a daily basis – just reiterated the point that I should never rely on pills…ever again:))

  3. mblack47 says :

    Good for you – the power of meditation. I’ve learned a little about Qijong a few months ago and it’s good to hear that it works!

  4. egoinvenio says :

    Awesome sharing. And so very true. Meditation activates different areas of the brain that trigger combinations of chemicals that no one man-made drug could ever reproduce, and is just so powerful. Many people should read this and again, thank you for sharing.

    • wartica says :

      Thanks for the kind words:) Hopefully, there will be a shift in how humans take care of themselves: meditation would be one way of doing just that.

  5. thisismyeverest says :

    This reminds me visiting my neurologist about frequent headaches–he was very adamant about NOT prescribing medication but rather seeking out natural remedies: supplements, physical therapy, yoga, exercise, seeing a chiropractor. It’s amazing how the body is able to heal itself naturally. 🙂

  6. Lyndell says :

    I’ve been using meditation and kinesiology to help with grief and soon to be going to hypnobirthing classes to help avoid all those nasty drugs during birth – the power of the mind is a truly great thing.

  7. says :

    love your post. we don’t give our minds enough credit. i use this technique a lot for nausea, headaches, fear/worry…with each inhalation i imagine healing light spreading throughout my body and exploding where the pain/fear is, and with each exhalation sending that pain and fear out of me.

  8. dadirri7 says :

    super post jon, i read yesterday that 40% of people in their 50’s and early 60’s here in australia take over 5 different medications daily, frightening! i teach yoga and practice craniosacral therapy so i have complete faith in the body to heal itself … as you so eloquently describe.

  9. martha84 says :

    This is an excellent post. It saddens me how quick people are to pop an aspirin every time something hurts. Meditation, yoga, even acupuncture in extreme cases (which I highly advocate for anyone with any ailment), massage, nutrition adjustments, etc… None of these things are conveniently packaged in pill form, but they work. Save the drugs for some point in your life when you actually might need them.

  10. journeywithjen says :

    Interesting post. I don’t think I’ve mastered meditation just yet, but definitely see the benefits of it. I read in a buddhist book that you should take any pain and focus on “accepting it” and not fighting against it. Something about welcoming it without resistance helps to heal it. Mind over matter!

  11. jrliggettsblog says :

    Interesting. Something I’ve used for years when I’ve had a headache, is to sit or lie quietly, clear my mind, and ‘breathe out’ the pain. Breathe in, then, mentally breathe out all that horrible pain. This sort of technique is advised during childbirth–although THAT was too intense for the breathing technique. Still, I find it works for my headaches. It takes about 20 minutes or so, and of course, you need to be somewhere that you can sit quietly without noise or distractions. Hey, thanks for stopping by and Liking my post! I appreciate it!

  12. Ley says :

    i suffer from migraines. i am going to try this, as i hate taking pills.

  13. Christina D. says :

    Very true that meditation and relaxation techniques can help heal the body. It seems all new-agey, but there’s a lot of science behind it. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  14. Holls and Lolah says :

    I downloaded an EFT manual a few times but never took the time to actually practice. I might give it a try once more. Thanks! Great post, BTW.

  15. Charissa Lee says :

    Last week I had a lingering headache and by the time I finished my yoga class, the headache was gone. Natural remedies are the way to go.
    I am glad you are okay!

  16. sterlingsop says :

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your comment. It’s much appreciated!

    Like you, I don’t like taking medicines but unfortunately my health is such at the minute that I have to. I don’t like it and only take pain relief when I absolutely HAVE to. I’m keen to explore more about natural healing methods and I look forward to reading your blog in the future 🙂

    • wartica says :

      Thanks and the same with you:)) I have a similar issue with my allergies: I still have to take any anti-itching pill – ever so often – until I find a better solution.

  17. expressitphotography says :

    I believe every word of this John. Several years ago, I got hit on the bone just below my right eye by a softball coming hard and fast. I was the pitcher and the only one my team had. I had been using some massage techniques and as the pain was immediate and more intense than any other headache I had ever had, I started massaging and pulling the negative energy down away from the bone across the cheek. As long as I kept doing this between pitches, i was able to stay in the game. When I got home, I tried icing it and it made it hurt so bad that i went back to massage and did that for hours that night. The cool thing is that I didn’t have hardly any black eye and my cheek had some slight bluing and yellowing. That hurt still a year later, but i got through with massage and focusing a pulse into my hands away from my head. It worked for me.

  18. zlatanomeragic says :

    Hey Jon,

    Interesting article on headaches. I was in the same situation as the guy in the picture you posted a couple years back. I got a soccer ball to the head at very close range. As you mentioned about you incident, at first it was ok. But I had problems for weeks after, mainly headaches coming and going, but sometime dizziness too. I’m sure I suffered a concussion.

    Also I want to say thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving a comment. It’s my very beginning in blogging. It’s very exciting and inspiring.

    Thank you!

  19. robertstewartgp says :

    Interesting we found each other, as I am also a practitioner of qigong! Looking forward to more posts!

  20. Michael Cornwall PhD LLC says :

    nice down to earth writing style . . . i had a whole comedy routine in my head when i started reading . . . i was laughing out loud . . . cheers! BTW i tried to learn tai chi three times and i couldn’t do it. it’s too much like learning to dance – which i can’t do either.

  21. sliceofshanghai says :

    Good for you! hope your headache doesn’t return. My son has headaches sometimes, and taking medicine is usually our last resort. We usually walk around the block, and cold air does wonder to him. But sometimes it doesn’t do it. Any suggestions for an active ten year old?

  22. houseband says :

    Ouch! that was should have CT scan, just to make sure your brain is ok… So, you are a pro already in yoga and meditation, hope I can do that too, soon =D

  23. Vivien Veil says :

    Wow, great post!!!!! 🙂

  24. The Disorganized Perfectionist says :

    This was great – the power of the mind over our bodies is amazing!

  25. ForkYes! says :

    I need to learn this! I have headaches far too often. Went gluten-free a few years ago and that helped immensely, but lately they’ve been coming back. Good work!

  26. Laura Jean says :

    My qigong teacher taught us to put a bubble of protection around us at work to help us choose what we accept and reflect energy wise. I do it at work everyday. I used to leave work with headaches since we moved to our new building, I am closest to the most negative person at work. I do not even have to make the bubble much any more. Sometimes it is even amusing.

    Hope your headaches stay away :).

    • wartica says :

      That’s awesome, Laura; it’s funny you say that because there is a spot – across the street from my office – where I practice the qigong and kung-fu:)) It always helps me, as well, with dealing with the stress of my job:)

  27. Lady, Remixed says :

    Good for you! I have spent too much of my life relying on prescription drugs to help my migraines. They worked but had too many side effects. Now I’m trying to use common sense- cutting back on coffee, watching my alcohol intake, drinking loads of water, and meditation 🙂

  28. evilnymphstuff says :

    I prefer meditation too rather than pills. Great post!

  29. beverleysmith36 says :

    Pills are my friends right now but i am trying to get back to the meditation in the hope that i can attack more wholesomely.

  30. Open Up Life says :

    Like this post and how you incorporated what happened to you and the way you healed your body. So many times the easy thing to do is to pop a pill for the quick fix. I agree with you on the holistic healing, practicing myself I have reaped the benefits.

  31. Rebecca says :

    I think there is definitely more power in our body to heal itself than we realize. Great post.

  32. howlatthebluemoon says :

    Ouch! ;p I totally agree with self-healing, half of the ‘pain relief’ experienced is the fact you took something that you believes relieves pain!
    I have never tried yoga or anything like it…. I think I may try something new to keep me positive – put my Sweaty Betty Membership to good use x

  33. allthingsjuicing says :

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to get back on track with this aspect of being healthy. Qijong has interested me for quite some time, and this is such a great reminder of why I wanted to learn to start with.

  34. Kathryn McCullough says :

    I don’t know that I have ever managed to meditate a headache away, but congrats on getting rid of it! Thats awesome!

    In the meantime, just wanted to stop by and thank you for subscribing to my blog today. It was great having you. Hope to see you again soon.


  35. georgefebish says :

    Thanks for visiting my BLOG

  36. Susannah Bianchi says :

    You have more comments from 1 post that I’ve had in 221. It’s so well written and visual. I am having a minor ongoing health issue so I am going to try what you suggested.

    You write very well indeed.

  37. coachchinh says :

    Wow!!! So sorry about your head, but it’s amazing to hear you tell me the benefits of your practice. This is what they teach in yoga, is to breathe into the area of pain or discomfort. I never really “got it” but now that you’ve shared your story, I think will try it again when I am practicing yoga or even when I feel pain or stress in certain areas of my body. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • wartica says :

      Thanks:yoga is a really amazing art-form to train:) I have really enjoyed connecting with you , over the past few months:) If you ever want to connect more, look up Jon Waters on Facebook:) PS, my pic is of the Venus project:)

  38. carmenbrooks says :

    Wow, I am a Registered Nurse and have heard of various forms of self healing that are unrelated to traditional medicine. I believe traditional medicine has its place however I also believe that everything we need is on this planet already. Either within ourselves or natural external (plants, herbs, unprocessed foods etc.) sources.

  39. Healing with Savannah says :

    Sorry about your head…glad you are feeling better! It is funny that we are always so quick to take a pill or see a doctor when we have so much healing potential within our ourselves. Yes sometimes outside medicine is necessary, but thanks for reminding us that we can at least try for ourselves first.

  40. janeenate says :

    very interesting and very true….I know I was in a major car accident several years back and I was put on heavy duty migraine medicine – my biggest fear was I would get addicted to the medicine so I quit taking them and tried more of the eating right, exercise etc ways and now I rarely ever take anything stronger than ibuprofen.

    • wartica says :

      Good for you; pain medicine can be very addicting. Unfortunately, I grew up with a couple people that did get addicted, and it took their lives away:(

  41. The Vain Yogi says :

    I am glad your meditative technique worked for you. I’ve used it to work through stretchy pain. I have yet to use it to heal pain from sharp impact. Your successful experience is encouraging to me.
    I call pain my diagnostic tool. It answers the question, “where do I focus my attention today in my yoga practice?”
    Thanks for commenting on my blog today.
    The Vain Yogi

    • wartica says :

      I totally agree; I’ll do qigong and focus on areas – that have blockages or are in pain – and focus the chi to them to release it – it always works:))

  42. pockets817 says :

    Awesome blog! I especially like the picture, ha ha! I’d never really thought of suggesting meditation as a cure for headache’s, but after reading your post I definitely could see myself recommending your blog as a gateway to it. Feel free to stop back by my blog anytime, I’ll be posting a bunch of interesting stuff ;D remember, it’s !!!

  43. projectwhitespace says :

    Goodness, I’m glad you stopped by my blog today. I always visit those who visit me and I was thrilled to see that you are into TCM. I have just started learning about it (had acupuncture last year for the first time, but didn’t do any other learning till lately). So it’s interesting to see others learning (and practicing too). I think I need to try tai chi and I have no clue what qui gong is, so I will look that up too. Need to get a handle on my chi. 😉

  44. Stuart Otway-Smith says :

    Wow I had to scroll a way down, sorry to mention this I noticed a really silly typo right up top on your right side navigation bar, it says ASPITING AUTHOR but upon clicking on it, it took me to your!/jonwatersauthor site that reads, I’m an aspiring author =)

    I know my blog is full of mistakes but that is one I know you would want to know about, feel free to delete this comment before allowing it to be published.

    Happy days!

  45. Brenda Piquette | Touchy Subjects says :

    Hi Jon – Thanks for liking my blog. I was laughing when I read your post because I just bumped my head quite hard yesterday–on the fridge of all silly things, don’t ask how–and it hurt a lot. So I placed both hands on the top of my head and sent breath with healing thoughts to it. All the pain was gone within 5 minutes. Works like a charm.

  46. Katrael says :

    It sounds as if you’ve learned how to listen to your body. Pain and comfort are the only way our bodies have of talking to us. Glad you got rid of your headache.

  47. Lisa Ann says :

    Great article! I’m glad you found a natural way to get rid of your headache. You reminded me to use my own healing energy to fight off my headaches.

    I use to manage my headaches by breathing and concentrating on healing. (I rarely used medication.) I imagined my headache like a ball of string, one that I had to “pull out” gently from my mind. 90% of the time it worked.

    Now, unfortunately, I have daily chronic headaches/migraine AND Intracranial Hypertension (IH), a rare neurological disorder where the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure in the brain gets too high. The neurologist doesn’t know the cause of either. 😦 But I’m sure that taking so many medications over the years (for the depression) has contributed. I’m hoping that getting off all of these meds and losing weight will get rid of the IH and limit the migraines. That way, I can focus on more natural ways of healing my body.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog!

    • wartica says :

      Thanks Lisa; same goes out to you:)) I’m sorry to hear that, but I think you’re right about losing weight and getting off the pills:))

  48. Rosie says :

    I agree with you on the powers of healing using meditation and focus… glad your headaches stopped. You write well – looking forward to reading your blog more often!!
    Thanks for the words of encouragement on my latest! =)

  49. confessionsofajunkfoodkid says :

    That is a cool story. You did your thing and the pain went away. I usually wait things out before I take any medicine. I figure how can you body grow an immunity if you go straight to meds.

  50. veghotpot says :

    Im lucky because I rarely suffer from headaches (although I haven’t experience a knock on the head in a while so you never know!!) but I agree about not taking a pill to help. If I am feeling a bit off I try to relax myself with a cup of tea and a quiet room for a while. I don’t know anything about meditation but it sounds like the sort of thing Id enjoy! x

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